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Welcome to Taxpayer Advocate Group

If you're exploring this website, chances are you're one of THOUSANDS of homeowners in Cook County who has been overcharged on your property taxes and received one of our letters.

Did You Know

Cook County is not required to notify you if you have been overcharged and the county offers minimal guidance on researching and recovering your money.

The Good News

Taxpayer Advocate Group (TAG) has been fighting high county taxes on behalf of Chicagoland’s homeowners for years. We have successfully researched and recovered thousands of dollars for homeowners just like you!

In fact, Taxpayer Advocate Group average refunds are in excess of $1500 per eligible homeowner!

We can help you recover your money.
  • We research the necessary records proving that you are entitled to this property tax refund.
  • We then complete the application process and file your claim.
  • Our fee is only a percentage of the money we help you collect.

We GUARANTEE there will be absolutely NO CHARGE of any kind for our service until the County Treasurer issues your property tax refund check.

Why do you need Taxpayer Advocate Group?
  • Because we cut through the red tape to put money back in your pocket FAST!
  • Because we research, prove overpayment, process paperwork and file your claim.
  • And, best of all--our services are absolutely FREE if no refund is recovered!
You have nothing to lose and Everything to Gain!

Simply enter your contact information. We will take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

The best compliment we can receive is a referral from a friend, family member, or business acquaintance!
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